DIY- Fool-Proof 3-2-1 Finishing Technique For “All” Types of Wood

Greg Paolini shares his fool-proof 3-2-1 finishing technique, and easy three-part clear finish that goes on quick and provides excellent protection for your furniture.

Here’s the recipe:
3 parts: paint thinner or mineral spirits
2 parts: oil based polyurethane
1 part: oil (boiled linseed oil)

When it comes to applying this clear finish, it couldn’t be easier. Just saturate the wood with finish and sand the mixture into the grain using some fine-grit sandpaper. As the dust is sanded in, it actually fills the grain, allowing for a super-smooth finish. After that, it’s just a matter of thoroughly wiping off the excess finish, allowing it to dry, and repeating the process.

DIY- Fool-Proof 3-2-1 Finishing Technique For “All” Types of Wood

9 thoughts on “DIY- Fool-Proof 3-2-1 Finishing Technique For “All” Types of Wood”

  1. I watched your video from searching about mineral spirits. Looking for a little help. I have a matte dining room table that has acquired some shiny spots. What can I do to restore the matte?

  2. I've used 3-2-2 and I'm happy with the results same like the minwax tung oil which is in my opinion is not a true tung oil but instead just like the same mixture with this..thanks to this video it' s where I got an idea about the mixtures and depends on what proportions you will settle down.

  3. OMG finally I found someone who shows sanding a wet finish…that's all I was looking for…I wonder if you would ever use polyurethane and turpentine, instead of the linseed and mineral spirits…

  4. Can this process be used on wood that has been previously stained? If so will the clear coat interfere with the stain?

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