DIY Blue Concrete & Plywood Bench || How to Make || GFRC & Woodworking

DIY Blue Concrete & Plywood Bench || How to Make || GFRC & Woodworking
This video shows how to make a modern DIY bench with blue concrete legs and a plywood top. This is a fairly simple concrete and woodworking project, and you could easily change the dimensions to make a modern coffee table, side table, or even a dining table the same way. The form for the concrete legs is made from melamine and I used ½” plywood for the bench top. For an extra decorative touch, I also cut strips of curly maple for the outer layers of the stacked plywood top.

As usual, I used a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) mix for the concrete. GFRC is incredibly strong without any additional reinforcement, beyond the alkali resistant glass fibers. Thus, it was the perfect material to use for this style of bench legs.

This is a remote bench design collaboration with my friend Jonny, over at Jonny Builds. Make sure to check out Jonny’s bench video after you watch this.


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o Bench Cookies w/ Finishing Cones:
o Bench Cookie T-Track Risers:
o Universal T-Track:
o T-Track Clamps:
o F-Clamps:
o Bar Clamps:
o Ultra Push-Bloc:

Mahoney’s walnut oil:


o GFRC Concrete Mix:
o 1.5 Bag of AR Glass Fibers:
o Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:
o Concrete mixer (HUGE help for GFRC):
o Blue concrete pigment:
o blue pigment #2 (small quantity):
o concrete sealer:
o Black 100% Silicone Caulk:
o Paste Finishing Wax:
o GFRC Recipes (w/ product links):



DIY Blue Concrete & Plywood Bench || How to Make || GFRC & Woodworking

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  1. Was a good idea subscribing to your page Mike .Love the bench, fun video and nice editing.
    Keep up the good work, really makes you wanna go and build something

  2. Very nice job. I love the concrete legs . Always wanted to make something from concrete but never felt confident . After seeing you make the legs I think Ill try

  3. Great bench Mike, love how the color turned out! I wonder if you'd be able to combine colors and get that marble look. Thoughts? We've got a lot of granite in TX, I'm wondering how a black and granite color combo would look.

  4. GFRC doesnt like being troweled. You have to wait a LONG time for it to be troweled smooth and nice.

    The mix you want is called ECC (Engineered Concrete Composite) from Buddy Rhodes.

  5. Great video, I totally voted for that thumbnail! Almost at 100k subs man congrats! Only a matter of time!

  6. Really great build, Mike!  May be one of my favorites so far.  I would definitely be proud to have that bench in my home!

  7. Where can I find one of the ball tools for tidying up the silicone? Or did you make it? Could you show it in one of your videos? I love your work by the way!

  8. Really like that blue color and it looks awesome with the concrete texture. It would be less wobbly if your turned the concrete legs upside down with the wider face at the bottom. That'd look cool too.

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