Design and making a coffee table

Design and making a coffee table
A look at my process from inspiration , design to final process , of making a coffee table.
go check out Bricker and beam on Instagram they make some really nice stuff,

Design and making a coffee table

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  1. Hard to do anything the first of the world. I use to work as a designer and this is pretty common.

  2. im thinking i have seen this before. i did my school paper final based on the design of Gerrit Rietveld a Dutch designer .his chair called the zigzag chair. there is also a zigzag coffee table made of oak . Have a look on Google for it, If you look at his design you can find the way of the joints are pretty commen but nice.

  3. Random comment but does anyone know the make of his router table top can’t find it anywhere

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love how you admit your mistakes and show how you resolve them. at 11:56 what is your tool belt system? I'd love to get one myself.


  5. Luckily in furniture you can not patent an idea. Only the plans to make the idea. Due to us all using the same shapes, an overlap is bound to occur.

  6. Hi joey great vid as per. Could you do a video on making a jig for a table saw for cutting tapers ? Id like to see that so i can cut furing strips for roofs and the like. I noticed your jig was brilliant cheers

  7. Who would have thought, eh! Actually history is littered with people who came up with the same idea, just like Charles Darwin and what's his name (Alfred Russel Wallace) on the Theory of Evolution. In the antipodes we will always see it as Joey's idea lol. Enjoyed the video, looks like dominoes is not the answer to everything. I wonder whether two dovetails in place of the one large one would look better. Thank you.

  8. I’m sure this is your idea! Why in the world would you need to copy someone when you have done so many excellent projects..

  9. If they wanted credit they should just get a pat. Number. Plus seeing how you changed the why it was build its not a copy.

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