Dale Nish Finishing Process | Deft and Oil Finish Woodturning How-to

Dale Nish Finishing Process | Deft and Oil Finish Woodturning How-to
The Dale Nish finishing process uses thinned Deft and Oil, keeping your finish from darkening the wood.

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The Deft and Oil finishing process was taught by Dale L. Nish in our Woodturning Workshop program for over 25 years and is still our preferred method of finishing.

A few of the many reasons this finishing process is so popular is that it’s easy to follow, allows you to use oil finish without the risk of darkening the wood, and it produces a durable finish that requires minimal maintenance. It also works great on salad bowls and kitchenware when you need a food-safe finish.

For additional information, view the companion article on our blog: http://blog.woodturnerscatalog.com/2016/05/dale-nish-deft-and-oil-finishing-process/

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Dale Nish Finishing Process | Deft and Oil Finish Woodturning How-to

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  2. I never knew you could wipe lacquer…

    I use the same finish with shellac (thinned with alcohol) and a little BLO – works about the same, only dries a lot faster w/out waiting.

    Youtube must be drunk again… this video arrived in my e-mail, yet it does not show up in my subscriptions feed, even though I've been subscribed to you for many moons. Noticed it left out several others recently as well – wonder what's being posted that I'm not catching???

  3. Deft makes both solvent based and water based lacquers. Be sure to use the solvent based for this application.

  4. Interesting finish, will give a go sometime. Is Dale a relative of yours? just wondering based on your last name.

  5. If I made mug of wood an I Wanna to use it without that mug destroy wax enough for this last

  6. The main key to success here, is the use of the brand Deft. I tried others, but nothing comparers to Deft.

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