Custom Wood Carved Tomahawks – Tomahawk #42 & #43

Custom Wood Carved Tomahawks - Tomahawk #42 & #43
In this video I show Tomahawk #42 & #43. One went to a Husband for a Fathers Day gift & The other went to a Veteran. The one that went to the Husband was carved and co-designed by his Wife and I and symbolized a lot of meaning from a biblical standpoint. The hawk that went to the Veteran was custom designed in order to honor his fallen brothers that fell beside him in the war. It was such a great honor to do this! Sorry for the shaky footage. I accidentally


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Custom Wood Carved Tomahawks – Tomahawk #42 & #43

9 thoughts on “Custom Wood Carved Tomahawks – Tomahawk #42 & #43”

  1. can i ask how you achieved the battle worn look on the head. i really like that look better than the vine. i like the vine but on the tomahawk the battle worn just looks at home. how did you do that if you dont mind sharing.

  2. Tools I Recommend:⬇️
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  3. That is awesome. I am just getting into knife making and finished my first one right before Christmas. Just started my second one. I want to do a tomahawk in the future. I got my foredom two days ago and just came across this video today. Wow what a inspiration. Thank you

  4. That's some talent right there. Great job! Also much respect for making something that honors the Lords Name.

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