Colored Wooden Bowl – Woodturning

Colored Wooden Bowl - Woodturning
I got the Idea for this bowl from an article in the german Woodturning Magazine called “Drechsler Magazin”

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Colored Wooden Bowl – Woodturning

14 thoughts on “Colored Wooden Bowl – Woodturning”

  1. Hey Fabian, echt cooles Video. Aber sag doch mal auf deutsch: was ist Friction Polish. Gruß aus dem hohen Norden der Republik, weiter so!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful  bowl with the vibrant color.  The speed of the video with the great music made it a very enjoyable to watch keeping time with the music.  Who is the music by?  Can you share that? Patricia in  Kansas USA

  3. This beautiful red color, love it. Must be food grade. Did you prepare it yourself or bought it? Lovely!!

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