Choosing and Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Choosing and Installing a Wood Burning Stove
Here are some top tips we have found from our own journey to finding the perfect wood burner for our home. Buying and installing the stove in the way we did saved around 40-50% compared to the ‘off the shelf’ option.

Our Installer – Jason Brown

Here is a link to the flue and kit supplier.

Choosing and Installing a Wood Burning Stove

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  1. Thinking of having one in my new home. Although we have no chimney. Is it possible to have one. Also how much do you think

  2. Love the vid and the wood burner. Mrs has fell in love with your wood burner what is the stove called please?

  3. These stoves should be totally banned in a smokeless zone area. The pollution and smell is terrible for the neighbours.

  4. Great video thank you for taking the time. Please, could you answer the following questions? 1.What moisture meter do you use? 2. Would you ever make your own sawdust and paper briquettes? 3. Is your flue liner 904/904 or 904/316?

  5. Just had the boiler leak out in to my living room, the fire was an Arrow , it was never worth a toss. Now looking for a non boiler muli burner . What was the make you settled on ?. Thank for the video

  6. I bought the Clear view 400 which is fine for our lounge and conservatory area .
    My reasons for buying it are 1 steel not cast iron this means quicker body heating time so it reaches optimal burn much sooner 2 the heat wash system means a cleaner glass and 3 a steel body never cracks i worked on the railway for 40 years and many signal boxes and guards brakes had pot bellied stoves . cracks at hinge and flue rings was was common after years of use..
    Just because wood burners look the same does not mean the technology inside is the same.

  7. Wow, I was quoted £6,000 by a shop to open the chimney and install a wood burner. I think I will look into going the way you did. Thanks for your video.

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