Cherry Table (part 3/3) — Sanding and Finishing

Cherry Table (part 3/3) -- Sanding and Finishing
This last part is repetitive and boring, which is what sanding and finishing is all about. I am doing my version of a natural finish on cherry with polyurethane and a little bit of stain. Some wood folks don’t like polyurethane for hardwood finishing and prefer something traditional like rubbed linseed oil. Poly requires sanding in between coats so it is tedious and messy. But I have found that if the sanding is done properly and the top coat has a nice low sheen, then it looks great with just three coats and does not require any additional waxing or polishing.

Cherry Table (part 3/3) — Sanding and Finishing

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  1. not knowing what the customer requested i got to ask…
    when it came to the finish why did you not condition the wood first with shellack to prevent blotching?

  2. Im thinking of building a cherry table for my family so i watched your three videos. I love the stain and varnish combo you used it really did bring out the color i might keep it in mind. thanks for sharing.

  3. hello
    I like all your realisations..
    sorry i don't speak english
    je voudrai savoir qui est l'auteur de la musique guitare à la fin de la vidéo; merci
    think you

  4. Enjoyed watching you make this cherry Table. with the size i guess it's an hall table? . Cheers

  5. Awesome job looks great. Have you ever had any trouble mixing the stain with the poly? Thanks!

  6. Wow nice, I finally finished up a tough project I found googling Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible. Karl got it as well, and he's also doing great progress.

  7. I loved everything about this build. I'd ask myself… why is he doing that? And a minute later you were explaining it. I really like the joinery methods you used from the base to the top. I did cringe at first when I saw you mixing the poly and the stain on such a nice cherry table… but the finish turned out great. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just curious. $300+ in timber, how many hours did you spend on the build and what did you sell it for?

  9. Nice work. Looks like you had tons of fun and an awesome table to show for it. Thanks for posting this.

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