Cheap !! DIY Wood Burning Stove

Cheap !! DIY Wood Burning Stove
Converted propane bottle making a small wood burning stove. This cheap build will make a stove that will last a few years and cost very little to construct. It will have the usual stove features and an separate ash door. Dirt cheap easy diy project.

Cheers Gerry
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Cheers Gerry

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Cheap !! DIY Wood Burning Stove

9 thoughts on “Cheap !! DIY Wood Burning Stove”

  1. Excellent design for a small stove. I may upscale it slightly for my shop, currently using kerosene but would much rather burn wood. Thanks from a guy in Staten Island, New York, USA.

  2. Why don't you paint it to look like kazoo the little green Martian in The Flintstones cartoon.

  3. I chopped the top off my gas bottle stove and inset a brake disk (capping the centre holes also obviously), it gives a handy heavy steel flat plate to stick a kettle on.

  4. Sweet little welder sir. where are you getting the glass? I have a wood stove I built and would love to have a glass insert.
    Thank you!

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