Woodturning A Stave Segmented Pencil Cup From Pen Blanks

http://www.AsWoodTurns.com This project video is a pencil cup to answer this month’s club challenge. While I could grab a chunk of solid wood, I want to do a segmented work. This time a stave segmentation. My raw material is twelve pen blanks for the staves and some scrap walnut for a bottom and rim. My […]

Turning A Bowl On A Drill Press…How Dangerous Could It Be?

Upon my return from Makers Central in the UK, I realized that there were a lot of wood turners doing there. And so back in my shop I began wondering if I could give wood turning a shot, however I really didn’t want to go spend a great deal of money trying something that I […]

How to Make a Tiny Chalice – Beginner Wood Turning Project

I glued up 4 pieces of scrap poplar to make a small blank which using my set of harbor freight chisels turned into a tiny chalice which you can look at and admire, eat soft boiled eggs out of or even just pretend you are a giant (I don’t judge). Support DIY Builds on Patreon: […]