11 thoughts on “Carving Charlie”

  1. Hi Kevin, yet another great figure carving. Your main knife with the square blade is it home made or does it have a specific name or brand? Thks again for another lesson in figure carving.

  2. The artist makes the knife. The knife doesn`t make the artist. I have about 10 carving knives and I`m still trying to get the face right on my carvings. Great job!

  3. Looks like a buddy of mine from the lower north shore . Before he lost his hair lol . Great job take care .

  4. So I found a knife that I cut to make it look like yours. I cut my wood to roughly the same size as yours. Where do I get a thumb like yours? Mine hurts after only 5 minutes of carving. I enjoyed seeing how you worked in a different pose looking to the side. Thank You for sharing.

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