Carving a Shark from Wood – Art, Sculpture

Carving a Shark from Wood - Art, Sculpture
I power-carved a shark from a piece of reclaimed southern yellow pine. Real tiger sharks do not actually have stripes as adults. However, I am calling this one “Tiger Shark” simply because it looks like it has tiger stripes. I used photos of a grey reef shark as reference.

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Carving a Shark from Wood – Art, Sculpture

9 thoughts on “Carving a Shark from Wood – Art, Sculpture”

  1. I love the movement of this! And the torched grain pattern adds such a neat layer. Very cool piece!

  2. Piece of honest feedback that I believe would make your channel better:
    – A better microphone.
    – At least 1080p resolution of the final video.
    – As cool as this shark is, it doesn’t make such a wow effect on YouTube as some of the figures that seem impossible to be made out of wood.

  3. I bet soon we will see a shark swimming through some of your rings….. Combined forces! Also Super slick Cam! Everyone gets more life like.

  4. lovely work! and thanks for showing how you added on the fins, I noticed you using both the turbo plane and the holy galahad ( I think) have you a preference? I have the turbo plane, good for rough stuff but in England the galahad bits are a bit hard to come by so not sure if they are worth the investment. great job and thanks for sharing

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