Carving A Pig Tail Handle From Mesquite

Carving A Pig Tail Handle From Mesquite
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My neighbor asked me to carve this little handle for his pig tail steak flipper. It’s made using some scrap mesquite wood, which is a common wood that grows in Texas. I used the original handle as a template but added a few touches, like the handcrafted thumb hold and the carved relief at the end. All in all a very enjoyable little carving project!

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HAND TOOLS in order of appereance:
Bench plane: Stanely 4 1/2
Low Angle Wooden Spokeshave
Boggs Shave with curved sole:
Boggs Shave with flat sole:
#8 Gouge:
#5 Gouge: Ashley Iles #5

Oil Finish:

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Carving A Pig Tail Handle From Mesquite

10 thoughts on “Carving A Pig Tail Handle From Mesquite”

  1. Hey man, nice work! This new format (with the captions instead of voice over) is very good and helps to understand what you're doing.
    I thought that you'd carve a handle in the shape of a pig tail, here in Brazil we don't have this tool for flipping steaks. :p

  2. It's always a pleasure to watch you work bud. The piece should last a lifetime.

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