Carve a Simple Snowman -Great Start to Woodcarving

Carve a Simple Snowman -Great Start to Woodcarving
Carve a Simple Snowman -In this video I go over carving a nice easy little snowman from a small block of Basswood with just a knife
-if this is new to you I suggest you go back and have a look at my getting started/introduction to woodcarving video here

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Carve a Simple Snowman -Great Start to Woodcarving

20 thoughts on “Carve a Simple Snowman -Great Start to Woodcarving”

  1. if you are new to this I have just put up an introduction to woodcarving video a couple days back that should answer most of your questions if you have not seen it -thanks for watching all!

  2. Looks good…. ever used milk paint???? It's safe if toddlers chew or bite toys… good heritage colours and lasts forever. Colin David Arthur

  3. Hey Doug,

    What is the size of the wood before you start carving it?

    Is there any standart for it or you use whatever you have?

    Thank you.

  4. Hey Doug. Awesome video, and very well explained. Really fancy giving this a go. Like you say it’s an ideal hobby for the long winter nights. Cheers. John.

  5. Thank you sir for sharing your talent! This video was very informative and fun to watch. I can't wait to try this! I will be watching all your videos in this series!

  6. My Mora Companion makes for a tough whittle but she’s sharp… 1/2 done with my first snow man… never thought in a million years, yet chippin’ away… thanks for paving the way. It’s the little things that mean so much. Thank you! MG

  7. Very nice I would think that they could be used for Christmas tree ornaments also. You do great work thanks for sharing I subbed you to.

  8. Hey Doug besides using a piece of Leather what is the best way 2 sharpen your carving knife?

  9. Thanks for this great craving of this snow man ! You are very talented and thanks again !

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