Building of a wood-burning pizza oven.

Building of a wood-burning pizza oven.
Campagnola, Evanston’s favorite restaurant opens a second location with a new concept. Union Pizzeria features a wood-burning pizza oven built by Vermont craftsman Peter Moore (

The back half of the space includes both a performance space and professional recording studio.

The perfect union; great food and music!

Building of a wood-burning pizza oven.

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  1. The best construction method I have ever seen. Well done. You have taught us how to do it properly. Thanks

  2. did you use fire cement or did you mix lime with fire clay, sand and normal cement?
    How high is the dome from the finished floor level?
    What is the internal dome diameter?

  3. So sad to see people fighting over legal or illegal workers when the video is about a massive oven. Well done for the Good job…my question is isn't it a bit over constructed as the dome is made of a whole brick? or is it because it is so large the dome won't take half bricks?

  4. WOW!! it's a good thing you hired those illegals to do the work., I bet you saved $20 over hiring an ACTUAL American ,or you never would have been able to afford an oven so large. ';'

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