Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)

Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)
Ever since we first moved into the treehouse we have been wanting to build some birdhouses to bring more birds to our yard. They are great for eating the bugs, which we have a plethora of around here. We decided this weekend was the perfect time to start some family wood working crafts. We also decided to put our own twist on the birdhouses and name them after each other– how could we forget Winston? Watch to see how we build our birdhouses and what we figured out during our wood working DIY craft project.

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Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)

10 thoughts on “Building Bird Houses That Match Our House (DIY Family Wood Project)”

  1. Her neck is bending too much, she needs more support there ! Plz do something about it ☺️

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  3. Sure there are some more knowledgeable bird enthusiasts out there. If you put the roof on last and put it on small stainless steel hinges with a small hook you can clean them out when the birds migrate. They will last a lot longer and be more inviting to the birds when they return. The entry gaps on the square ones will be easy peasy, its the round holes that are tough to clean. They look good man! Emmie Suites!

  4. Binkies are the devil they becomes a crutch for the baby you think it'll keep them quiet and pacified but then if you don't have the binky or they don't want the binky it's worse than ever!

  5. Make one that has multiple holes and stands on a pedestal. They are actually easy. The scientific bird house you will definitely get birds and are easy as pie to make! Good luck!

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