Build a Stylish Wall Mirror – Woodworking Project

Build a Stylish Wall Mirror - Woodworking Project
Cover all your mirror selfie needs with this woodworking project! Make a stylish wall mirror with Asian and Greene and Greene influences, as well as some pretty fancy half lap joinery. For this one I used Cherry.

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For more on making wooden plugs, watch William Ng’s video:


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Build a Stylish Wall Mirror – Woodworking Project

11 thoughts on “Build a Stylish Wall Mirror – Woodworking Project”

  1. Amazing job! Just a little tip for cutting glass (or mirror) from someone who's done it thousands of times: never score twice. Just do it once. If you score twice (like you did here on the video) the chances of the glass cracking the wrong way increase dramatically. The natural reflex seems to be to score as many times as needed just like you do when you draw with a pencil but when you score a glass/mirror pane doing it just once will yield a much better success ratio that if you do it more than once. Just my 2 cents! Great job anyways! I love the crazy amount of detail you put in your work. Cheers!

  2. Forgot to say I really love the mirror. Nice attention to detail and the faux plugs are fine. Many fine pieces of furniture have been created with wood appliqués.

  3. Hello Alex. Discovered your channel recently and have thoroughly enjoyed your work. Looking forward to learning more from you. I like that you offer different approaches to accomplish a task and that you don't edit out your mistakes, rather you show how to rectify them. Best of luck with your University goals.

    A novice woodworker from San Diego, CA

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