Brussels Sprout Stalk and Resin Bowl | Woodturning

Brussels Sprout Stalk and Resin Bowl | Woodturning
In this video, I resin cast some dye stabilized brussels sprout stalks and turned a bowl out of the blank. Love those vivid colors, and the hazy pearls cap it all off!

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Brussels Sprout Stalk and Resin Bowl | Woodturning

4 thoughts on “Brussels Sprout Stalk and Resin Bowl | Woodturning”

  1. If your wife gets overwhelmed with sprouts send some my way…….LOL….You really should eat your greens , you know! I loved your project……Let me ask you this….if one was to do a similar project and doesn't have a pressure pot can you pour your resin in a little at a time and torch the bubbles out? Plus I'll be inverting another bowl inside the casting , since I'm not a turner! Thank you for your vid!

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