Bottom of Bowl Gouge

Bottom of Bowl Gouge
I demonstrate the usefulness of a specially ground bottom of bowl gouge. I explain the grind that makes it easier to clean up the bottom of a bowl, especially on deeper bowls where you can’t ride the bevel with your regular bowl gouge.

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Bottom of Bowl Gouge

9 thoughts on “Bottom of Bowl Gouge”

  1. Very good video, Mike. That’s the best explanation of a boo Tom gouge that I’ve ever seen (actually it’s the only explanation of a bottom gouge grind that I’ve ever seen). I think you forgot the link to the Robohippy platform.

  2. Thanks , Mike. I was just thinking I needed to look up how to make a bottom feeder, you saved me from Google and getting too bogged down in unrelated videos. 😄

  3. I like the idea of this for when I do turn a bowl. I will have to see about regrinding one of my bowl gouge's (bought a set of three on sale a while ago). One of the "better" / more experienced turner's in my local club shaped all three to how he grinds his, but I may have to regrind one to this sort of grind.

  4. Great info Mike. After a year off no turning due to illness. I have found that I have lost some of my control with the turning gouges and I have been making to many light shades . II will start to use the bottom feeder grind again and see if that make a difference. I use to uses the bottom feeder bevel grind in the past but somewhere along the road I decreased the angel of my bevil grinds .I hope it will stop me going through the bottom of my bowls .It is very frustrating to come back to wood turning after am extended time away from it only to find that most of my mussel memory has gone ,it's like having to start all over again. I will let you know if my light shade production drops. Mike thank you
    P.S Mike I would like to see if you have some tips on keeping the thickness of my bowls more even .

  5. Hallo Mike,

    I was happy to see that you took over my proposal to demonstrate the use of the „bottom feeder“ in this video. Thank you very much for that.
    It is very informative for me and I am sure that I will profit a lot from it in my projects to come. The comments by other woodturners show that it was an important issue.
    I‘m looking forward to seeing how you turn a „stacker“, a suggestion I made in one of my comments.
    H. P. From Germany

  6. Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I'm having this exact problem as I make a deep salad bowl. And now I understand those racks of seemingly identical tools!

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