Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener
Everybody likes to pop a cap sometimes…a bottle cap that is. Tim makes a beautiful and useful bottle opener using a kit from Ruth Niles. Ruth has been designing bottle stoppers, bottle openers and other helpful woodturning items for years. Her products are top quality and Tim shows how her bottle opener system works.

Niles Bottle Stoppers:

Yorkshire Grit:

You can find instructional DVDs, Tim’s Tools and the Elbo Hollowing Tool on the Woodturning with Tim website:

Robust Lathes:
I am a Robust dealer (which adds nothing to your costs) and I am more than happy to help you pick out and configure your new lathe.

Thompson Lathe Tools:
These are the finest, long lasting turning tools on the market. I have used them since our first shows on PBS.

Bottle Opener

14 thoughts on “Bottle Opener”

  1. Your finish is wax based, and after extended use, will dull. I always apply CA over cocobolo, after wiping it with alcohol and drying it with a paper towel at ~ 1500 RPM. In over three years, I have never had a failure.

  2. That is a very neat opener design, would make a great gift!
    I think that shape you are thinking of is a sap, or a sap jack or black jack, which was an elongated pear shape leather pouch filled with lead shot, you could whack someone on the head and knock them out, but it does not leave a mark like a billy club would, I think they are often illegal to carry around these days, but that would vary by your location.
    VERY nice wood too!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  3. Well done, Tim. Looks fantastic. I also did a bottle opener month ago. And I would say, it looks as nice as yours 😉 The finish with Yorkshire Grit is awasome and the surface gets so smooth.

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