BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove and Grill

BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove and Grill
The BioLite BaseCamp is a complete off-grid cooking and energy solution for groups, powered by wood. Thoughtful features like folding legs and a one-touch grill-to-boil lever make it easy and comfortable to use while BioLite’s unique technology captures waste heat to produce electricity. The large cooktop and side fuel entry enable large-format cooking while an accompanying USB light aids in nighttime or low-light conditions.

BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove and Grill

18 thoughts on “BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove and Grill”

  1. I like these videos . Me and my friends watched this together . Great product 👍🏻

  2. This is a great idea for the "tiny home" movement. That said, can BioLite respond on future technology in providing a "heating" system for tiny homes? Regarding the solar panels, what can I run on 10 watts and for how long?

  3. I've been using the camp stove for 3 years, and it's amazing! Now, I'm upgrading to the Basecamp to make more complex meals. I love this company!

  4. Question about the portable, would it not be more efficient as a charger if there was a lid that contained most of the heat, and not flushing it straight up, as the outlet for heat transfer is on the top, I would think it would be more efficient to have it middle or bottom, or have a lid on the stove, when not boiling water, to use the heat better, than just sending 90% into the air. So anyone tested this with a lid?

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