Best Mallets For Hand Tool Woodworking

Best Mallets For Hand Tool Woodworking
We’re back in our new workshop and warming in with a quick rant about one of our most repeated comments; that bloody great mallet.
If you’re wandering where we’ve been or what this video is about then go catch up on our blog:

Best Mallets For Hand Tool Woodworking

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  1. As far as the penetration goes, this is achieved by the point of the chisel (for a given chisel, given species, just varying the mallet). It will penetrate proportional to the kinetic energy imparted (KE=1/2 M x (V squared)). If M (mass) is high, V (velocity) can be lower, so a slower blow from a heavier mallet will do the trick. The part of the chisel which absorbs this is the handle, which will see pressure (proportional to area), so equal force over a larger area (ie bigger mallet head) will do the job, and be less damaging.

    That's enough physics for now. I think I'll have a nice cup of tea, and a lie down.

  2. I reckon the chisels are yours, strike them them with whatever you please. You seem to do well enough with the lump hammer that I wouldn't think of criticizing…

  3. I'm engrossed in your work and videos. Fantastic work.
    Do you sell your wooden hand planes ?
    Kind regards

  4. Your metal hammer would last you a lifetime, but I doubt that your plastic hammer wouldn't end up filling a box of replacement heads, that had gone bad… So I would say that the metal one is a lot more sustainable…

  5. I just did some noise testing and metal hammers always come out vastly quieter than wooden mallets. Quite an important aspect for anyone working without a dedicated workshop.

  6. I'm a beginner. I sat and gave it a thought. Looked at my metal 0.5 kg metal hammer, recalled how I like its weight. I've never done any wood project but on that day I received a package with my very first chisel set. I took some scrap wood and within few hours I finished my hammer to mallet adaptor…cap πŸ˜€ A chunk slid on the hammer (with it's chiseled out rectangular hole), roughly rectangular, with 80×80 mm sides. It doesn't fall off, has the striking face angled like your usual carpenter's mallet and simply works. I'm going to make another one with tighter fit and smaller striking face.

  7. New subscriber! Came here from a WW forum. I think I missed the first half of the video bc I was trying to figure out which Game of Thrones character you sounded like – Jon Snow, perhaps? Yes yes, "stupid Yankee." Anyway, glad to watch you other vids.

  8. I've purchased plans before…, and some have been worth it. Before anyone does, however, look for Hyezmar's Woodworking book on Google and you won't have to purchase anything πŸ™‚

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