Bending Wood with a Hot Pipe

Bending Wood with a Hot Pipe
Creating your own hot pipe bending jig at home is simpler than you might think. Rob Johnstone explains how we built the jig in our shop, and the techniques that we use to bend thin pieces of wood (and, yes, we still break the occasional piece). He also offers some important safety tips for working with this equipment.

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Bending Wood with a Hot Pipe

5 thoughts on “Bending Wood with a Hot Pipe”

  1. Makes me think – Heating one face of the workpiece on the pipe (though you could flip it and heat both) won't heat very evenly. A hot air stream might heat more evenly. Hot air guns are readily available. Mine supposedly does 400 deg. C. That aught to be hot enough since the pipe in the vid is somewhere between 100 deg. C (boiling water) and 460 deg C (colour that steel glows red).

  2. I saved this video I'm going to build me a jig like that one when I get done building my work shop thanks

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