Beautiful Wood Carving in Japan!

Beautiful Wood Carving in Japan!
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Beautiful Wood Carving in Japan!

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Wood Carving in Japan!”

  1. Very artistic, did you see this at a friends house? Thanks for showing us!

    More comments . . . coming soon!

  2. A scene of a live tree, carved into a dead tree…that's interesting.  Haha, I have just been watching some Saturday Night Live, Debbie Downer, videos.  I couldn't resist trying my hand at it, lol.  It really is beautiful.

  3. Ok.. Now I really do think you are doing it on purpose. "More Videos…  .. … ..Coming soon." You're Silly. Anyway, I really liked this video a lot. Thank you!

  4. 松竹梅になってますね。縁起物。

  5. I have found it very interesting! Thank you for sharing all your interesting videos with us.

  6. Nice Vid. I love the Sashimono woodworking, joinery without nails or glue. And dear good don't get me started on their lacquerware……..drools

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