Beautiful Old Wood Burning Stove with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)

Beautiful Old Wood Burning Stove with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)
This antique and very atmospheric wood burning stove, was filmed during my recent trip to France. Although I’ve gotten very good at building and starting a fire, this one was a bit of challenge! The whole kitchen was filled with smoke, before I got this baby to burn nicely 🙂

I was in France (Dordogne) to shoot a Christmas video in this beautiful region full of authentic old french houses.The house were me and my dad were staying was build in 1700 and it has a fantastic old and grande fireplace, which you will get a look at very soon!

For know enjoy this nice old stove and I’m sure it will create some coziness for all of you who do not have a real stove or fireplace… Enjoy, relax and sleep well!

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Beautiful Old Wood Burning Stove with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Old Wood Burning Stove with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)”

  1. 👍🏻I literally listen to this one video EVERY NIGHT. It puts me to sleep in like 5-10 minutes. ✨MAGIC✨👍🏻

  2. Wonderfull, i thinks this is the best. no adds just an amazing sound, thanks, we have a Dimplex Optimist Stove, so playing through really small wireless speaker by the fire.on a loop.

  3. Hey! I saw you are pretty responsive, so Imma give it a try… I love this video because of the stirring of the fireplace, and I'm prone to anxiety when there's too much crackling.. Do you have other ones like this beauty? I used to have one and the sound of the draft is very soothing to me.

    Thanks for your dedication. Very appreciated here.

  4. I like the old stoves better than the EPA stoves, because they put out better heat. But if you live in a city or a suburb a EPA is perffered .

  5. This is really nice! Maybe I have a touch of OCD, but the first thing I noticed, was I can't see a chimney of any kind. Obviously there's one there somewhere. Not sure why that bugged me so much lol.

  6. Love these….. Where the Hell do you get wood that burns that long without breaking down? 😉

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