Baby Groot carving from catalpa tree

Baby Groot carving from catalpa tree
For this project, I used a catalpa tree stump which was used for splitting firewood. This was the first time I used catalpa wood and I’m really pleased how easy it carves.. It took me total of 20 hours to complete..

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Music: Vexento- Lonely dance

Baby Groot carving from catalpa tree

14 thoughts on “Baby Groot carving from catalpa tree”

  1. Incredible job sir. How much would you sell one of the groot for? Please let me know cause my daughter loves groot.

  2. I am groot *fades away

    (I don’t know if he dies or not I still haven’t seen infinity war)

  3. This is amazing! So much talent! What tools would you recommend to a beginner that wants to get used to working with tools and small projects. (Not involving saws)

  4. Interesting that you use a utility knife so much for shaping and fine detail. Never seen that before. Nice work!

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