18 thoughts on “ASMR *Wood Carving*”

  1. The detail on your right bicep piece is incredible! I'd love to see a video maybe explaining your tattoos?

  2. Great relaxing video! Thanks. And whoever did you Ink is amazing! Great taste you have!

  3. Learn how to sharpen properly and also how to use a gouge chisel. It's blunt which is why you had issues .

  4. Eu sou brasileira, mais eu amo seus vídeos de asmr, e do outro canal também 😍😍😍

  5. I’d love it if you did another asmr wood carving video! 😍 So many tingles. You looked so concentrated!

  6. So afraid you're going to get cut like I did when I played with these tools as a kid.

  7. You're new and I think your videos are a lot better than most ASMRists on here! Much love from Canada <3

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