Applying A Quick And Easy Shellac Finish

Applying A Quick And Easy Shellac Finish
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I go over the steps that I take to apply a simple shellac finish in this video.

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Watch a tutorial on how to make shellac from flakes here –

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Applying A Quick And Easy Shellac Finish

16 thoughts on “Applying A Quick And Easy Shellac Finish”

  1. If I was making wood signs for a wedding and apply to shellac finish to them… Would I be able to use a oil based paint pen to write on the wood signs after applying the shellac finish or would the paint not be able to absorb into the wood

  2. Hi Guy. I know this is a old video. I'm a beginner and I messed up my first wood working project with shellac. I'm not giving up on shellac just yet. I want to keep going until I get it right. Is it safe to say that using a 1.5 lb. cut is the best way to go? In other words just stick to using a 1.5 lb cut? Thank you so much.

  3. Guy, I just finished a walnut top for our kitchen island. What would you recommed for a finish that is water resistant or repellent? The stove top is mounted in the island, no sink.

  4. Hi Guy: What's the difference between buying shellac in a can & making your own mixture? Also, how does French polishing with Shellac differ from the way you applied it in the video? I am using de-waxed Shellac in a can & doing FP on a guitar that I am making. I find that the Shellac does not cure quickly at all. Even three days after applying a thin coat of Shellac I see finger prints left behind when I try to handle the guitar. So, how long does it take to totally cure so that you can handle the wood without worrying about prints & smudges? Thanks, Steve

  5. Great video! Simple, clear, and easy! One question, though: if you're going to go for a higher gloss finish with paste wax, would you apply that with the t-shirt? Or would you use the 0000 steel wool?

  6. I've never used shellac before, but after watching this video I am going to give it a try! First I need to go check out your other video on making the shellac…

  7. I have a bathroom door with the original shellac from the 50s. it's very rough and I'd like to redo it. Would you recommend removing the old shellac first or can I do a light sanding and apply new shellac over top of the existing?

  8. Hey Guy, I have a quick question. Do you fill the pores on your woods like walnut before doing this?

  9. Finally got a chance to watch this! What do you do if you are applying finish into the corner of a box or drawer if you can't prefinish? Is spraying the only option? That rubber obviously won't get into the corners well. Love to hear your tips!

  10. I've only tried shellac once. And that was when I turned my first bowl. Thanks for sharing. I found your channel twice today randomly. The second through Mike Fulton. He mentioned the woodworking show and the maker meet up. Hope to get to go to that.

  11. I should mention that I do not spray any finishes, but rather French polish in a manner similar to yours here.

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