Amex EveryDay: Scrap wood art | Mere Mini

Amex EveryDay: Scrap wood art | Mere Mini
#HowToTuesday with American Express. All woodworkers face the question: “What can I do with my scrap lumber?” We feel guilty throwing away perfectly good wood and end up hoarding the tiniest cut-offs. Why not make the wood itself into an art piece? Read more about this project here:

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Amex EveryDay: Scrap wood art | Mere Mini

13 thoughts on “Amex EveryDay: Scrap wood art | Mere Mini”

  1. love your art posts! i have alot of naked walls in my house and don't want to fill it with Standard Ikea crap 😀 Gave me a few ideas!

    Keep up the good and fun videos!

  2. New to scroll saw and wood working. Just want to ask where is the best place to buy wood that does not cost a small fortune? I love working with wood but have a hard time on where to get it. Also love the mixed small pieces would flatten top and make a nice tray table.

  3. Very nice. That is really a good piece. I'm an abstract artist (paintings). I'm planning on doing that with my scraps as well.

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