#46 Man-Made ‘Nebula’ Woodturning

#46 Man-Made 'Nebula' Woodturning
Hollow form made with stabilized maple burl. This is the same wood used to make ‘90 BPM’. This is one of the reasons I so love working with this medium. It’s amazing the different looks you can get from the same piece of wood. Thanks for watching beautiful people. ❤️

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#46 Man-Made ‘Nebula’ Woodturning

14 thoughts on “#46 Man-Made ‘Nebula’ Woodturning”

  1. So beautiful. I love all of the colours you have used.
    Is it possible to see how you made the blank? Or at least how the burr looked before you stabilised it?

  2. Absolutely stunning, I love your videos, they are so soothing, your work is always mesmerizing and complete works of art❤❤🙌

  3. Like #907 🙂 looks awesome as always Heath! My first reaction was, "where's the resin?" Lol but I guess you use resin to stabilize wood don't you? I've never used stabilized wood before so I'm not sure. Its cool to see you make something different. Don't get my wrong, your spheres are great (absolutely beautiful would be a more accurate description!) But it's wonderful to see your range. Would you be able to put a plant or flowers in there?

  4. That was a wonderful video Heath. Your work and the music were hypnotic. Love the colors, especially the purple! BRAVO!!!

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