#118 Woodturning Bottle Stoppers–My Way

#118 Woodturning Bottle Stoppers--My Way
When I started turning bottle stoppers I wanted to save some money on the cost of getting started. This video shows a good method for turning bottle stoppers as accurate as any high dollar gizmo. I hope you enjoy this project.

Finishing Acrylic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uwmp_8Jg5M

#118 Woodturning Bottle Stoppers–My Way

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  1. Thanks Steve. Great video and a new supplier. On your waste acrylic stopper blank. DO you put it in a pressure pot after
    you dump it into the mold?

  2. You can buy the metal part for the stoppers from Ruth Niles. She has very nice products plus a mandrel that fits into you headstock to turn the stopper top. A lot easier and you save several steps plus the trip to Hobby Lobby.

  3. Steve as usual great video, I learn so much from your videos. Question, my apologies I couldn't hear what are the specs on the tap thread

  4. Greetings from Downunder, I love the way you use tools,  I have just completed a six cut Celtic knot. I shall use Celtic Knots in my bottle stoppers.  I am also experimenting with Epoxy and glitter in the turning and it's turning out well. Great vids, tanks.

  5. So do you use a Minwax lacquer spray finish AND a lacquer based sanding sealer? Can you use the spray finish on pens? I"m never terribly satisfied with the shine of the Mylands friction polish and CA is a pain.

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