#115 Poplar Bowl with Lichtenburg Woodburning

#115  Poplar Bowl with Lichtenburg Woodburning
Truly “Turning and Burning”. In this video we will turn a natural edged Poplar bowl and use the Lichtenburg Fractal Woodburning methods to produce a one of a kind piece.

Tim Yoder’s Lichtenburg project:

Building a Lichtenburg Wood Burner:

#115 Poplar Bowl with Lichtenburg Woodburning

15 thoughts on “#115 Poplar Bowl with Lichtenburg Woodburning”

  1. Wow, whole new level! Bravo for the attempt, and the bowl looks great. I really like the inside, and how it almost looks like tributaries, or lightning even.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else get worried when they see someone with a watch using a lathe?

  3. You do wonderful work. I work on pipelines throughout the U.S and don't get to use my lathe much. so its fun to watch you and you give me ideas for my next project. keep up the great work!

  4. You are right Stephen that is a very dangerous. The results are magnificent though. Great video as always.
    Take care my friend and do a kindness

  5. Like the video Stephen; I've just begun playing with this type of thing with the intent of eventually using it on turnings. Couple questions if you don't mind. (I know you said you're not going to go into how to make one; these questions are more about the use of it.)

    1. How do you hold the electrodes to your bowl? Are the nails embedded in the wood or held against it by some other means?

    2. Every single time I try to burn, the electricity creates a dry area by evaporating the electrolytic solution & then everything stops until I turn it off, put more liquid on, and turn it on again. Many times, I only get a few seconds of burning per cycle. I've used baking soda and table salt as electrolytes so far. What do you use and how do you apply it?

  6. I really like the bowl and the results from the fractal burning. Although I haven't checked the condition of my liver, I'm in Mike Waldt camp on this one. I have a really annoying neighbor, maybe I could teach him how to use it. It would be a good way to break the ice (just kidding). Really like the method and its effects though.

  7. Oh wow "Turnin and Burnin" is what my granddaughter and I do in our shop.  I turn while she burns.  I am thinkin I will get her to burn me a sign for the door that says "Turnin and Burnin lol

  8. I've seen this technique before, and it's something I might have a go at if I ever have some time to build it, but it sure is pretty. Thank you for sharing Stephen!!


  9. Check out Poultry people. He does some of this and then fills it with glow in the dark epoxy

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