1-01b: Chisels & Grain – Pt 2 of Introduction to Woodworking

1-01b: Chisels & Grain - Pt 2 of Introduction to Woodworking
In this second part of the Introduction to Woodworking lesson we delve deep into understanding grain direction and it’s interaction with cutting edges. Plus there’s a fun little project. If you gather supplies you should be able to finish the project by the end of the video. There are a few interludes where we discuss chisels and what you need to know to buy a good one, where you’ll be able to work and listen at the same time. In concept, this is day two in a public schools woodworking program in a double block (a class meets for twice as long only half as often) period.

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1-01b: Chisels & Grain – Pt 2 of Introduction to Woodworking

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  1. These are great vids. I'm learning lots. Thanks for putting in the time. (Learning in Abbotsford BC, Canada)

  2. I know this is an older video but quiet frankly, it should have millions of views. You teach woodworking very efficiently. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for all the work you put into these. My $0.02: These days H²O² is not recommended for disinfection because it can leave less "pretty" scars as compared to other disinfectants.

  4. Pretty good teacher this guy .he makes a few grammar mistakes but overall he does know his stuff and i think some of these comments are way too critical.

  5. Yet another FANTASTIC video!  Aside from the invaluable information regarding technique and grain properties, EVERY Safety Nazi TROLL needs to watch the first five minutes of this video!

  6. Great Video and enjoyed, but just a little long on the safety portion and almost lost me. I did stay and now just forward past safety part as rest of video is excellent! Thank you again

  7. Easier way than trial and error to find that center point on your line with dividers or a compass. far easier to demonstrate than explain. for a line from A to B. set one point at A, set compass just past halfway and draw an arc across line AB, then set your compass on B and do the same. those two arcs will intersect at two lines, draw a line between the two intersections and this line will be perpendicular to line AB and will exactly mark its center point.

  8. I know I am late to this party, but this is great stuff; even with already having the knowledge, this is much appreciated. 9:00 "it's just stupid." Thinking about it, I believe most of my hand injuries with tools have been from chisels and screwdrivers. Although, I beat the crap outta my thumbs with hammers plenty.

  9. ya que habla tanto , y que llega a nivel internacional , por que no se preocupa en doblarlo al castellano ya que no entiendo ingles ,

  10. Personally, I'd like to have a custom handle that has an inward curve in the middle so that it fits my palm.

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